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You can now watch NFL live stream games in HD quality any place any time thanks to the Gamepass app. This app works for multiple mobile devices and different platforms. Whether you are using the iPhone or iPad, an android phone or tablet as well as a Windows phone or tablet, you are catered for. The app is available in all the stores for this devices that is Google Play, App Store and Windows store. The Gamepress app has a number of features which make it the one app any NFL fan should have.

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First off, the app allows you to watch all the games live. This includes all the 65 pre-season games, 256 regular games, the ten playoff and the biggest of all, the Super Bowl. Aside from watching these games full length, you can also opt for the condensed version of the games which excludes the unnecessary parts like breaks and giving you a 30 to 40 minute version of the game which still captures all the play.

Next up is the ability to watch archived games. The Gamepass app provides you an archive of all games from the 2009 -2013 games and you can select and watch any at your convenience. If you want to get a clear picture of all the games then you have the Coaches film section which provides you the exclusive all 22’’ angle view of the games.
You can get all the coverage of events in the NFL world thanks to the NFL network available on the app 24/7 and live. You also have the option of following your favorite team thus getting all the news, game and happenings around your team. If for any reason you miss a game you can always go back and watch it. The gamepress also comes with a scores and stats window. From the scores window you get all the scores in the leagues and you have an option to turn it off. The stats wind provides you a breakdown of all the information of the teams you are watching.

The only let down with this app is the challenge you will have switching from the small screen to a bigger screen especially over Airplay. However, its HD quality videos, enabling you to watch NFL live stream and everything else from the league make it one of the best apps so far with this year’s version having sorted out previous bugs. You have to subscribe to NFL Game Pass to enjoy the services.

How to Watch NFL Live Streams on iPad iPhone

The following packages are available; The Season plus for $199.99 where you get to watch every NFL game plus the play offs and the Super Bowl, The season plan for $129.99 where you get to watch all pre-season and regular season games and finally The Follow your Team plan where you watch the pre-season and regular season games for your team.

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