How to Watch NFL Pro Football Live Streams on ipad

September 20, 2015

The NFL season is going on and football fans are looking for options to watch their favorite games on the go, especially the fantasy football league. Many fans don’t know the way to Watch NFL game online for free in their Apple iPhone 6 Plus and iPad.

In few easy steps fans can watch out of market NFL games that may not be popular enough for broadcast TV, or games that aren’t televised in local markets due to blackout restrictions.


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 Step By Step:

1. Download and Install the Skyfire/Puffin App from iTunes:

      Apple products don’t support Flash Videos butSkyfire/Puffin for iPhone &iPad is a new kind of app that let its users watch Flash Videos while browsing with Safari or any other iPad/iPhone browser. Yes this app is not totally free. Skyfire/Puffin app can be set in $2.99 for the NFL iPhone app and $4.99 for the NFL iPad app.

Skyfire App(Browser)

Puffin App(Browser)

2. Open Skyfire/Puffin and Go to a  Page Site:

You have all team Live streaming Link select you team Link “Watch Carolina Panthers Live Stream Game Free Online’  Select the Game They Want to Watch: you will get Paid Link or Free Link click free Link and enjoy Live stream NFL game.

4.Select the “Play” Button at the Bottom of the Screen:

After about 30 seconds Skyfire/Puffin should be done converting the stream and then fans can watch the game they desired.

 How to watch Free