Top 10 Sites Watching NFL Live Stream Free Online

November 11, 2015

Top 10 Free Websites For NFL Live Streaming Online:

The NFL is the biggest event in America and with that fact in mind, the league ensures that they have very stringent ways to broadcast their content not to mention that those ways are very costly. However, not all fans are able to cough up the big money to be able to enjoy the game and still they are fans and would love to catch up with their home teams. Well, worry not. There are a few ways that you can use to stay connected to your loved game and not have to pay a penny for it. You will have to pay for your internet connection though but that’s another thing. Here are some of the best online websites that you can use to stream NFL games for free!

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10. .

Well this is free, but it is not live per say. However, just in case you would like to catch up with a past game that you missed and you don’t have the pennies to pay for it, Hulu offers you a platform where you can catch all the past action. 

9. Time4TV.

This is a great site that has your best interest at heart. There is no beating around the bush here. Just work your way around all the adverts, download the player and you’re ready to go. All you need is a steady and reliable internet connection and you’re ready to go.


Unlike time4TV, stream to watch does not have all the adverts and the heavy and skeptical feeling that Time4TV gives. It lets you know if your flash player is up to date and if it is, then it is free NFL for you!


To stream on this website, you will need a sopcast player. Once you have downloaded and installed, you can be guaranteed that you will not only enjoy Free NFL live streaming, but a hound of other free channels as well. It is that awesome.

For those that would like to catch the game on an iPad, iPhone or Mac, this is the site for you. However, for the case of the iPad and iPhone, one has to first download the Skyfire App from iTunes. This will also allow you to watch the action on other streaming sites like WiZiWig

This is a reliable online live stream sports and other sports events channels. It offers you a variety of URLs for the games that you would like to follow or other sports events. The best part is with there is no nonsense. It is all pro with a great lay out and no adverts flying your way.


This is a great sports streaming channel. However, the site is flocked with adverts on most of the URLs and hence you have to be careful what you click on. Regardless, after you have found your way around, you will only be required to have an app for the streaming and you are ready to start watching all the NFL action for free.

Plenty of sporting action on this one not only the NFL but that inclusive as well. Even if you tend to follow another sporting phenomenon, this website gives you an opportunity to stream that as well.

Just because this site is not as famous as the number one, that is why it has to settle for number three. However not gives you a stress free streaming platform for all of your NFL action with no funny URLs. All you have to do is sign up and once that is done you have loads of streaming opportunities.

1. WiZiWiG.

Wiziwig is the biggest online streaming website there is. It has a bunch of links and as if that is not enough, you don’t have to keep fighting and clicking on the deceptive URLs. Here everything is as it should be. Just pure sports for no pay whatsoever. To get the best NFL experience, this would be your best bet to living the experience without the ache of having to pay.

As much as watching free stuff is great, you have to note that there are a number of people that would scoop this opportunity to throw something in your computer. As such, you should be particularly careful with the links that you click and above all, you should ensure that you don’t buy anything no matter how cheap it is. There is a reason why it is called free streaming not subsidized streaming. With that in mind, click away and enjoy.

Top 10 Free Websites For NFL Live Streaming Online: